Professional nutritional support is often only given a thought after most other avenues have been tried and failed. This is true of all aspects of nutritional practice: diseases of lifestyle, infertility, cancer, pre- and postoperative nutrition (including liposuction) and obesity in both adults and children.

Although bookshelves overflow and general nutritional advice abounds in the media, magazines, newspapers and television shows, nutrition is by a long shot not a “one size fits all”.

Both the public at large and health professionals need to realise the urgency of early nutritional treatment in the long-term management of health and disease.

The most important part in our consultation is really not what i have to say, but what you tell me about your lifestyle and eating habits during my history-taking. A careful dietary history will include questions to highlight certain areas to give me information as to where your problem-areas are. We all believe “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and read about too good to be true quick fixes and fat burners. How wonderful if it was that easy!

Nutrition is a very complex science and requires understanding of your particular situation, preferences and habits, in order to help you with a long-term solution.

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“I help others to optimise their health and manage their chronic lifestyle related diseases through sound nutritional therapy and practical advice.”



Practices: Voortrekker Street 23, Vredenburg (022-7191353)

Sessional room 2022, Vincent Pallotti Hospital.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree (Hospital Dietetics) from the University of the OFS, B.Sc (Diet) from the University of Stellenbosch, M.Sc Dietetics from the Medical University of Stellenbosch

Areas of Specialization

infertility and overweight, childhood obesity, diabetes, diseases of lifestyle and metabolic syndrome, cancer nutrition and diseases of the GUT.

Areas of Consulting Treatment


Plastic Surgery


Cancer Nutrition

What My Clients Say

I did a pregnancy test on Friday, and its positive!

Simone von Bulow

I'm enjoying the way the intermittent fasting makes me feel

Jeffrey Dumbrell

You must know the blessing you are to so many people in enabling them to have a new healthy vision for their lives

Muriel Connell

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